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Why SaintConnection?

A Timeless Approach To
The New Evangelization

Modern Saint Catechesis

For each generation, the best way to create new "saints" is to instill in their hearts a personal connection to the saints who lived before us.

Cloud Organizational Tools

As Disciples, we are called to organize as people to love and serve God and one another as we journey with Jesus on the path of salvation.

Good News Outreach

All Catholics are called to be holy witnesses and to actively shine the light of faith into a dark world as we build the Church one person at a time.

Getting Started Programs

Pre-Confirmation Saint Programs
Introduction To The Saints: 4th - 6th Grades
  • Introduce youth to 50+ saints over a 3 year period.
  • Spiritual "My Life" Series with Stories, Homilies, and Videos.
  • Engaging 1st Person Saint Scripts with Modern Online Illustrations.
  • Topics: Gospel, Commandments, Virtues, Miracles, and Conversion.
Advanced Saint Program: 7th Grade - Confirmation
  • Discover the Saints and the Catholic Faith in more depth.
  • Explore Catholic History through the Engaging "Flashback" Series.
  • Apply Catholic Apologetics through the Teaching "Spotlight" Series.
Confirmed Discipleship Programs
Building Faith Community: Confirmation - High School
  • Grow Positive Catholic Moral Through Saint Hero's and Peer Friendships.
  • Help Teens Integrate a Catholic Identity into Their Life Vocation.
  • Apply the Saints within Retreats and Relate them to Issues Affecting Teens.
  • Topics: Modesty, Marriage, Vocations, Service, Friendships.

Living the Catholic Mission: College - Young Adult
  • Promote Faith, Service, and Social Events to a Growing Catholic Community.
  • Support Single, Married, and Religious as we live the Catholic Mission together.
  • Become a Positive Adult Witness for the Younger Generations.
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